Trane XE 1000 Fan Motor Problem (Solved)

Trane XE 1000 Fan Motor Problem (Solved) - The fan on the outside unit is making a terrible squealing noise when running (otherwise everything working fine cools/heats house like always). Sometimes it will stop after about 2 minutes but starting yesterday it will not stop the noise. It happened about 3 months ago as well but I took the top off turned it upside down and was able to get some grease on the shaft and it stopped it for about 3 months. I have been reading some of the posts on here and have seen some that replace the fan. My question is because of the age of the unit would it be wise to replace the fan and then start saving for a new unit since it seems that I can get a new fan for around or just under $200. Any thoughts, suggestions, and/or advice about Trane XE 1000 Fan Motor Problem is welcome.

Trane XE 1000 Fan Motor problem

Answer Trane XE 1000 Fan Motor Problem

I think you have it right..though a bad fan may not mean you will be needing a new system anytime soon. It is 14 y/o, but a well maintained system may last much longer than that. A new, properly installed and sized system would probably be more efficient and save some money on utilities.
No Pro, so don't know about your system in detail, but I'd keep checking around on the motor. Unless its some sort of proprietary thing, it should be more like $70-100. At least I saw other posts that indicated that...I could be way off. I'm more familiar with A/C's and furnaces.

i'd go with a new fan motor if your going to do it yourself with an exact replacement.give the blade hub and shaft a good soaking for to prep the fan blade for removal and......two some will run down the shaft into the bearing and keep the noise down.get the info off the motro sticker and you can match it probably at Grainger Industrial Supply they welcome home owners.

Hmmm..if you had just replaced the cap...I'd say no thats wrong...but since you replaced the motor..I presume they gave you the right one. Do you have another cap for the compressor? Why I ask is..some are dual caps..and work for both fan motor and comp.
As to the slightly larger motor..if the speed is the's not a huge issue...might draw a tiny bit more power when running, but as long as the speed is correct.. shouldn't affect anything.
It also depends on if everything was original..with just a cap replacement, you can go higher in voltage but the farads rating should stay the same. Since you got a new motor..I presume it had specs for the cap.

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Trane XE 1000 Fan Motor Problem (Solved)
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