Trane XE 1000 Manual - The Problem Solver

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The Problem Solver

Trane XE 1000 Manual - The Problem Solver
Reduce the burden of unexpected repair bills with a Trane Extended Warranty. Trane offers the finest quality products and manufacturer’s warranties on the market. But, like all good things, the Trane provided limited warranty on your new comfort equipment will come to an end. To keep you protected, Trane offers the Extended Warranty Program. It picks up right where your Trane limited warranty leaves off. And, it offers years and years of reliable protection at a low cost. Ask your dealer for program details.

The Trane Extended Warranty provides:
  1. The opportunity to supplement your Limited Warranty for five or ten years.
  2. Coverage that may include parts only or parts and labor for the duration of the agreement. Be certain you read the Extended Warranty for complete details and exclusions.
  3. Service work performed by servicers knowledgeable of the operation of Trane equipment.

Before you call for service, check the following:

Problem Possible Cause Remedy
Insufficient heating or cooling
  1. dirty filters
  2. air not circulating freely
  3. blocked outdoor coil
  1. clean or replace
  2. check supply registers and return grills for blockage 
  3. clear away leaves or other debris
Failure to operate
  1. power off
  2. open circuit breaker or burned-out fuses
  3. improperly adjusted thermostat
  1. make sure main switch is in ON position
  2. reset circuit breaker, or replace burned-out fuses
  3. check setting, adjust thermostat
No Heating or Cooling – Blower does not operate Blower door removed or ajar Close door securely to restore power to blower
Unusual Noice - Call Your Local Service

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Trane XE 1000 Manual - The Problem Solver
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