Trane XE 1000 Manual - How to Operate Your System for Peak Performance

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How to Operate Your System for Peak Performance

Setting the Temperature

Trane XE 1000 Manual - How to Operate Your System for Peak Performance
Place the system switch on COOL, and the fan switch on AUTO. Then set the temperature by using the indicator on the thermostat control. Now your system will cool your house whenever the indoor temperature climbs above the thermostat setting. It will shut off when the desired room temperature is reached. In winter, it works the same way.

When the system switch is on HEAT, the system will operate whenever the room temperature falls below the temperature setting. Once the desired temperature is reached, the system will shut off. Save energy with an electronic programmable thermostat. Program the thermostat for the temperatures that meet your comfort level. The Trane electronic programmable thermostat has up to four setup or setback periods each day, plus weekend and vacation programs.

Let the Thermostat do its Job

Your system will perform most efficiently when you let the thermostat control it. Turning the system on and off manually is usually much less efficient. So let the thermostat do its job. We recommend keeping the temperature setting at 78°F for cooling, 68°F for heating. However, you can select the temperature that meets your comfort level. The point is, once you’ve set the thermostat, keep subsequent adjustments to a minimum. When you’re going to be away from home for a few days, or when outdoor temperatures are moderate, don’t let the air conditioner run unnecessarily.

Lower the thermostat to 55°F in the winter. And raise it to 85°F in summer. Then when you return, or when temperature conditions dictate, you can reset the system and it will resume making your home comfortable again.

Never stop the system by shutting off the main power. If the main power is ever disconnected for more than three hours, turn off the thermostat. Then wait for at least three more hours after the power has been restored before turning the thermostat back on. Failure to follow this procedure could result in damage to your system.

If heating system is not operational during the cold weather months, provisions must be taken to prevent freeze-up of all water pipes and water receptacles. This is very important during times of vacancy

How to Help Reduce Summer Humidity

In summer, your air conditioner does more than cool the air — it helps remove the excess moisture, that can make the inside of your home feel muggy. When removing this moisture your system must work harder than when simply cooling the air. That’s why kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms should have vents and exhaust fans. These devices help prevent accumulation of moisture throughout the rest of the house so your air conditioner works less to keep you comfortable.

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Trane XE 1000 Manual - How to Operate Your System for Peak Performance
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