Trane Heat Pumps

Comfort and efficiency are the two main goals of the current Trane heat pumps with four lines and a focus on delivering cleaner air to customers everywhere.

Trane Ultra Efficiency Heat Pumps

Known as the top of the line Trane heat pump unit, the XL20i offers a solution for warmer homes and lower utility bills. The method of enhancing airflow for the XL20i is called the Comfort-R and it allows for increased flexibility and warm air output during heating start-up. Home comfort in general is at an optimal level because of the managed cycles, which reduce temperature variances substantially.

Trane Heat Pumps
With an impressive SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of up to 20.00, the XL20i features two compressors. One is for milder weather and a second, larger compressor is activated on the coldest days of the year. For the XL16i, the SEER rating is up to 18.5 and it has two stages of heating and cooling. An extra benefit is available in the form of the ComfortLink II when matched with communicating indoor units. Regularly, this communicating technology connects all of the key components, causing the system to charge automatically; it also configures and calibrates the performance and efficiency of the system.

Trane ultra efficiency heat pump owners can also select the convenient, optional Telephone Access Module (TAM) to adjust the settings and receive updates via phone. In general, a boost in energy efficiency is considered to be an effective way to lower home heating costs. Producing quiet comfort is the responsibility of the fan motors on The Trane xe1000 and  XL 20i (multi-stage) and the XL16i (variable) that adjust speed.

Trane Super Efficiency Heat Pumps

Of all the single-stage systems by Trane, the XL15i has the quietest sound level. Similar to other units, the energy efficiency of the XL15i and a SEER rating of up to 16.00 indicates the probability of less cost every month.

Trane High Efficiency Heat Pumps

Economical heating, a SEER rating up to 17.00, Trane variable speed furnaces, air handlers, and Comfort Coils comprise the XR15. This unit is recommended for earning energy-efficiency tax credits, and manufactured in 1.5 to 5 ton models. New federal regulations are met by the XL13, which has a SEER rating of up to 14.00.

Trane Standard Efficiency Heat Pumps

XB14 standard efficiency heat pumps from Trane are designed with up to a 16.00 SEER rating while assisting homeowners to achieve energy-efficiency tax credit requirements. The XB13 heat pump has a SEER rating of up to 13.25 as the next standard efficiency version.

Care and Maintenance of Trane Heat Pumps

Based on the information found on the Trane website, maintenance in the spring and fall is advised for units that have cooling and heating capabilities while single function models should be serviced yearly, before the appropriate season.


Warranties for Trane heat pumps need to be registered within 60 days of installation and contain the following protection:

  • XL20i, XL16i, XL 15i: 12-Year Limited Warranty on compressor, 10-Year Limited Warranty on outdoor coil, 10- Year Limited Warranty on internal functional parts.
  • XR15, XR13: 10-Year Limited Warranty on compressor, 10-Year Limited Warranty on outdoor coil, 10-Year Limited Warranty on internal functional parts.
  • XB14, XB13: 10-Year Limited Warranty on compressor, 5-Year Limited Warranty on outdoor coil, 5-Year Limited Warranty on internal functional parts.

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Trane Heat Pumps
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