Trane XB 1000 Troubleshooting

Trane XB 1000 Troubleshooting - This page is about troubleshooting Trane air conditioning controls. Many visitors leave comment to complain that they can’t troubleshoot the basic problem according to Trane XB 1000. So today we will arrange the old models for you. Here are some tips about Trane XB 1000 troubleshooting that you might find useful.

Question and Answer about Trane XB 1000 Troubleshooting


You may have a tripped circuit breaker.

Recommended Action: Check your home circuit breaker box and reset circuit breaker.

Your thermostat/control may be off or set incorrectly.

Recommended Action: Check to make sure your thermostat/control is on and set to cool. Reset to your desired temperature.

Your indoor unit is running but the outdoor unit is not.

Recommended Action: Air coming through your vent will be warm. Check temperature setting on thermostat/control. If no change, contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist. In the meantime, try turning off your thermostat/control for 1 to 3 hours to see if it will reset itself.


Your gas could be turned off.

Recommended Action: Check gas valve at gas company meter, check shutoff valve at furnace and check for other shutoff valves. Contact the gas company to have gas valve turned on or contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist.

Your system could be turned off or your unit unplugged.

Recommended Action: Check your thermostat and heating unit to assure that they are both plugged in. Refer to your use and care guide or contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist.

Your thermostat may be off or set incorrectly.

Recommended Action: Make sure your thermostat is on and set to heat. If thermostat is on, reset thermostat to your desired temperature.

You may have a tripped circuit breaker.

Recommended Action: Check your home circuit breaker box and reset circuit breaker.


You may have dirty filters.

Recommended Action: Check the filters in each of your system’s components. Clean or replace filters as recommended in your use and care guide. If problem persists, please contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist.

Your system may have frozen up due to a dirty coil.

Recommended Action: Check for signs of water below unit and cold exterior surface of indoor coil enclosure. Contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist. In the meantime, try turning your thermostat off for 1 to 3 hours to see if it will defrost.


If your system is reaching its set point, is it working correctly? Have your local temperatures been extreme lately?

Recommended Action: Check the following: Is your system cycling constantly? Is your thermostat reaching its set value? Do you have any new appliances (e.g., a hot tub or pool heater) that use lots of power? Have you checked to see if your local utility company had a recent rate increase?

If your system is not reaching its set point, please contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist.


Your system could be trying to reach a set point that is too extreme.

Recommended Action: Check the set point on your thermostat. Is it very low (in summer months) or very high (in winter months)? First, reset your thermostat. If that doesn’t work, please contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist.


The overflow switch is probably not working

Recommended Action: Turn off your system and contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist.


Check any of the above troubleshooting issues for help.

If none of the Trane XB 1000 Troubleshooting answers address your problem, then turn off your system and contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist.

Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner Parts Manual and Repair Guide

Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner Parts Manual and Repair Guide - The potential troubles might happen to your Air Conditioner caused by mechanical defects or incorrect operations, you should adopt some preventative measures by collecting some useful information about troubleshooting and repair before replacement. Here we present you some information you will find come in handy if any problems appear with your Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner.

Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner Parts Manual

Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner Parts List and Manual

Electric Heat Kit w/ Circuit Breaker (4.75 kW) $52.95 / each
Trane 2.5 Ton 13 SEER Central Air Conditioner – R22 Refrigerant $939.95 / each
Trane 3 Ton, Cased Evaporator Coil (W 14 x D 21 x H 26) $348.95 / each
Trane 2 Ton, Cased Evaporator Coil (W 17 1/2 x D 21 x H 22) $264.95 / each

Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner Replacement

If you want to replace the XB1000 air conditioner with some new style air conditioner, I will recommend you the York 16 SEER Affinity Series CZF Air Conditioner which offers up to 16SEER and is qualified for the Energy Star and Federal Tax Credit, so you can save the energy cost and your budget if you purchase this model. This model utilizes the QuietDrive System to offer a quiet operation so you will be free from the annoying noise whenever you use it. In fact, this model is equipped with an advanced compressor, which not only offers you high efficiency but also bring you long-lasting durability. So if you want to desert the old model, this high quality air conditioner can be a good replacement.

Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner Troubleshooting and Repair

If your Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner is out of function, you can try the measure of troubleshooting and repair listed here below:

If your Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner offers no heating, you can first check if your gas is turned off by checking shutoff valves at your gas company meter, at your furnaces or at any other parts set with shutoff valves and then turn on the accordingly gas valve or contact your local Trane dealer to handle the problem.

If your Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner is cut off with airflow, you should check if it is caused by your dirty filters in the components of your Air Conditioner system, then you can choose to clean the filters or replace them with the state-of-the-art parts you can find with Trane local dealers.

Sometimes repairing you own Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner is hard for beginners, If you don’t have a good knowledge of Trane XB1000  structure. I strongly recommend you to find a local qualified contractor to help you. Repairing by yourself sometimes is more costly than finding professionals.

Trane XB 1000 Specs and Consumer Reviews

Trane XB 1000 Specs and Consumer Reviews - Trane split outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps, when combined with an indoor gas furnace and cooling coil or an air handler, provide a balanced system to offer you maximum comfort at lower operating costs. Trane XB 1000 air conditioners offer efficiency SEER ratings in the 10.00 range, which meets the minimum standards mandated by federal standards today.

Trane XB 1000 Specs and Consumer Reviews

If your old xb 1000 unit is at least 10 years old, you could realize up to 40% accumulated savings over a 3-year period of operating costs. That savings is based on a comparison of an old 6.00 SEER unit with a new 10.00 SEER. Efficiency ratings and lower operating costs, coupled with advanced technology features shown below, are some of the reasons why Trane is a world-class manufacturer of heating and air conditioning products. Let see the trane xb 1000 specification below.

Trane XB 1000 Specifications

Standard Efficiency

  • 10.00 SEER Efficiency Range

Lasts a Long Time

  • Full-Side Louvered Panels
  • Baked-On Powder Paint
  • Corrosion-Resistant Screws

Runs Time After Time

  • Climatuff® Compressor
  • Spine Fin™ Coils
  • Torture Tested

Backed by Trane

  • Five-Year Limited Warranty on compressor and outdoor coil
  • Five-Year Limited Warranty on internal functional parts
  • Five-Year Internal Functional Parts Limited Warranty is effective on units installed after October 1, 2001,and manufactured January 1, 2000 or after. Earlier installations have One-Year warranty
  • Optional Extended Warranties available. Extended Warranties cover labor, refrigerant and other costs not covered by Manufacturers Limited Warranty
  • Ask your dealer for full warranty information at time of installation 
Trane XB 1000

Trane XB 1000 Consumer Reviews

I installed a Trane heating system in my new home and have had to replace the igniter numerous times. It had to be replaced twice in the first year. I voiced concerns to Trane's authorized dealer and they said they had consulted with Trane about this as igniters if properly maintained should last years. Their answer was to install a heavier duty igniter. That has not worked as I just replaced it again for the 6th time. I came home on Sunday night December 27 to a freezing house. Had to spend the night next to a space heater trying to stay warm. Not a pretty picture when you are in your 70's.

I have had an ongoing preventative maintenance contract with Comfort Flow Heating which is Trane's authorized representative for this area. So the system has been properly maintained. In fact, their supervisors sad they would always be sure to send out one of their top technicians to ensure it was done properly since we had so many problems.

We purchased our home in 2013. My a/c was out in August this year with bad coil which only 2 years and 2 months a/c system. I was told by Trane rep the coil part is not covered by warranty because is over 2 years. We have to paid a/c company full price to replace the coil. Now after 3 and half months later it's go out again. Many people telling us the Trane coil part is not quality part, broke very easy in the short time. I am extremely upset with Trane a/c unit. House only 2 years old. Should not have such problems! Not sure there are people out there has the same problem as me? What advise someone can give us.

Trane XE 1000 Fan Motor Problem (Solved)

Trane XE 1000 Fan Motor Problem (Solved) - The fan on the outside unit is making a terrible squealing noise when running (otherwise everything working fine cools/heats house like always). Sometimes it will stop after about 2 minutes but starting yesterday it will not stop the noise. It happened about 3 months ago as well but I took the top off turned it upside down and was able to get some grease on the shaft and it stopped it for about 3 months. I have been reading some of the posts on here and have seen some that replace the fan. My question is because of the age of the unit would it be wise to replace the fan and then start saving for a new unit since it seems that I can get a new fan for around or just under $200. Any thoughts, suggestions, and/or advice about Trane XE 1000 Fan Motor Problem is welcome.

Trane XE 1000 Fan Motor problem

Answer Trane XE 1000 Fan Motor Problem

I think you have it right..though a bad fan may not mean you will be needing a new system anytime soon. It is 14 y/o, but a well maintained system may last much longer than that. A new, properly installed and sized system would probably be more efficient and save some money on utilities.
No Pro, so don't know about your system in detail, but I'd keep checking around on the motor. Unless its some sort of proprietary thing, it should be more like $70-100. At least I saw other posts that indicated that...I could be way off. I'm more familiar with A/C's and furnaces.

i'd go with a new fan motor if your going to do it yourself with an exact replacement.give the blade hub and shaft a good soaking for to prep the fan blade for removal and......two some will run down the shaft into the bearing and keep the noise down.get the info off the motro sticker and you can match it probably at Grainger Industrial Supply they welcome home owners.

Hmmm..if you had just replaced the cap...I'd say no thats wrong...but since you replaced the motor..I presume they gave you the right one. Do you have another cap for the compressor? Why I ask is..some are dual caps..and work for both fan motor and comp.
As to the slightly larger motor..if the speed is the's not a huge issue...might draw a tiny bit more power when running, but as long as the speed is correct.. shouldn't affect anything.
It also depends on if everything was original..with just a cap replacement, you can go higher in voltage but the farads rating should stay the same. Since you got a new motor..I presume it had specs for the cap.

Trane XE1000 Outside Fan Not Working How to Solve it

Trane XE1000 Outside Fan Not Working How to Solve it? I have a 10 year old trane unit and I heard a humming noise outside this morning . The compressor fan was trying to spin but was binding up. When I turned the unit off, and opened the unit to check the fan motor it turned freely. When it is powered back up, the Trane XE1000 Outside Fan is binding and will not turn.

Trane XE1000 Outside Fan Not Working

Here are some answer about Trane XE1000 Outside Fan Not Working

Try with the unit calling to run . Give the Trane XE1000 Outside Fan a push to start. If it takes off and runs get a new capacitor for it . If not and it does get 220V to it . Id say time for a new motor. make sure you get the same Hp and RPM also that it turns the same way CW or CCW.

When a motor does that it has too much end play meaning one of the bearings has worn on the inside allowing the rotor to move too close to the front plate you will need to replace when you get a new one make sure to take the old one off and get a replacement that has the same characteristics all the info is listed on the data plate and any good supply house should be able to match you up. If they sell you a universal one the wiring diagrams will walk you through the retrofit they will give you options for a three wire or four wire aplication and you can choose rotation and make sure to get a new capacitor.

Trane XE1000 Defrost Control Board

Trane XE1000 Defrost Control Board - With all the snow here in the northeast, the likes of which I've never seen around here in my lifetime, it seems like I get one thing fixed with my heating system and something else goes wrong.

Anyhow, my outdoor unit was froze over for the second time in the past few days this morning with consistant freezing all around the units coils. I've found a lot of help on here with regards to testing the defrost control board, however, this one looks to be a little different than those for which I have found the advice on. Also, I notice the loose red wire. Should this wire have not been plugged into the "NORM" pin? I have 2 of the same heat pumps and the heat pump that works fine is wired the same way, that is, the red wire was not connected on it either.

Trane XE1000 Defrost Control Board

Can someone advise me on how best to test this particular type Trane XE1000 Defrost Control Board? Do I jump across the "TST" pin and the "FRC DFT" pins?

Answer about Trane XE1000 Defrost Control Board

The Trane XE1000 manual should be available on the this website or you can go to one of the hvac discussion boards. Logic does not always apply so you need the manual. It would appear that the wire needs to connect to the normal pin and to the defrost pin to force a defrost cycle. The test pin could be something else. Leaving the wire disconnected could be the same as "normal" but with a different time interval.